Signs You Need to Call a Bug Man

Signs You Need to Call a Bug Man, When to Call an Exterminator

We all need an expert from time to time, especially in St. Tammany Parish. The high humidity and fluctuating rains lead to pests making their way into our homes. If you get regular pest control treatments, then you know what it takes to prevent infestations.
Pests can cause damage to nearly every part of your home and cost Americans millions every year.

Tiny Wings Lying Around

Termites and Flying Ants both drop their wings at different points in their life cycles. If you see tiny wings near your windows, doors, walls, or attic openings, you might have a problem growing. Termites cause much more damage than flying ants, but the ants will still build nests in your home if allowed to stay. These wings are a solid indicator that pests were in your home.

Seeing Bugs in Your Home

Seeing roaches is a pretty solid sign that you might have a roach problem. Likewise, seeing ants, palmetto bugs, termites, mosquitoes, spiders, and any other insect in your home means it’s time to handle the problem. Most often we see bugs when the lights come on or when first returning home after no one has been in the house for a while. In an effort to survive, they try to only come out when people aren’t around.

Hearing Clicking or Buzzing in Your Walls

You don’t have to see bugs to know they’re there. Sometimes, we hear funny noises when we are walking through doorways or standing near walls. You might hear a light buzzing or clicking. This can be a few different kinds of pests. When termites feed on wood, they do so from the inside out and they are loud eaters. Sometimes, they hit their heads against the wall and you can hear it. If there are bees or wasps in your walls, you may hear them buzzing as they build their hive in the sections between the sheetrock.

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Seeing Droppings

An unappetizing topic, but if you see small black pellets about the size of the ball in a pen, you may have a spider problem. Similarly, if you see fine, powdery black specks, you may have a termite problem. Check countertops, especially in those back corners that you don’t get into much. Be sure to check window frames and door jambs, too.

Chewed Food Bags and Fabric

If you notice chewed cereal bags, the corners of boxes, or if your curtains are getting shredded, you may have a pest problem. Many pests build nests with items that are accessible in your home. Curtains, sweaters, blankets, sheets, dish towels, and rugs can all provide building materials for your new unwanted houseguests. If you notice small damage that you can’t attribute to any person in your home, you may have a problem.

We hope you found these pointers helpful and we hope that you catch any problems you might have quickly.  If you do have any of these signs, then let us help you.  Give us a call today!