Water Bugs: What Are They Really?

The Reality of Water Bugs

Water Bugs look a lot like roaches, but they’re not the same. They are similar in color and roughly the same size. The difference is water bugs usually don’t come into your home and when they do make it in, they don’t last that long. These bugs like water, as is evident in their name. That means they typically come in through water sources. You might find them in your bathroom or kitchen near drains.

You are more likely to find them outside near a swimming pool or a bird bath than you are to find them inside. If you think you might have Water Bugs in your home, here are some ways to tell.

Where You Might Spot A Water Bug

If a water bug does make it into your home, you may see them along baseboards or in your bathroom. They follow water sources. They aren’t very good climbers, so they often get stuck in light fixtures and under counters. Unlike roaches, water bugs seem to try to find a way out of a house so they can make their way back to water.

Risk of Water Bugs

These little guys aren’t big biters, but since they usually live in sewers, it’s easy for them to transmit diseases to your food. Water Bugs usually feed on decaying matter and small water organisms like tiny fish or frogs. They live under dead leaves or in dark and moist areas.

If you think you have roaches, you should check out our other blog post about identifying potential pest infestations.

Identifying Pest Infestations

Water Bug Bites

When these little guys do decide to bite, it can produce a burning sensation in the skin. There is a chemical in their saliva that they use to paralyze their prey. Some have said that the bites can be quite painful. If you are bitten by a water bug, an ice pack may help with the pain. You should seek medical attention regardless of what kind of bug bite you receive. You never know what you are allergic to until you come in contact with it. Don’t take any risks with your health.

Getting Rid of Water Bugs

The best way to get these guys is to call us to schedule an appointment, but if you’d rather try to do it yourself, we recommend baited traps. High acidity chemicals are dangerous to water bugs and will kill them quickly. A better way to go about this is to prevent them from coming into your home in the first place by sealing up gaps under your doors, closing windows, and patching screens.

If you see bugs in your home, give us a call so we can handle it for you.