Tips & Tricks for Preventing Indoor Pests, Thanksgiving Edition

Prevent Indoor Pests This Thanksgiving

Anytime we have a lot of people in our homes, there are a few things that always happen.

  • Doors are always opened more than usual
  • More food is lying around
  • There is more cleaning involved

Even though cooler weather brings fewer insects, there are still pests that can dampen your holiday spirits. This year, consider a handful of tricks to prevent pests from moving in with you this holiday season.

Fix Your Screens

With all of these people in and out of your home, make sure that your screen doors don’t have holes in them. The same goes for your windows. I don’t know about your family, but I know that in mine, once everybody’s bellies are full and the laughter takes off, people get warm and windows get opened. You don’t want this to be the window of opportunity for bugs to fly in.

Seal Your Leftovers

Last year, Americans spent an average of $186.05 per person to celebrate Thanksgiving. That’s a lot of food hanging around your home. Sealing your food tightly is crucial to keeping pests out. Using airtight plastic containers, baggies, and sealable dishes can help prevent pests from finding a way into your food. Readily available food in your home is just as much an invitation to bugs as it is to your family. Don’t let the bugs think that they are welcome.

If you want to set up a prevention treatment before your holiday celebrations, give us a call.

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Clean Often and Thoroughly

After cooking for hours and hours on end for your family, cleaning may not be the first thing you want to do. If you clean as you go, you take away the opportunity for food pieces to be left out where pests can get to them. Make a plan ahead of time to make sure you have cleaning time accounted for so that you don’t have unwanted guests at your Thanksgiving dinner.

There are a million ways for pests to get into your home. Check out our other post on Signs You Need to Call a Bug Man.