Major Insects in Southeast Louisiana

Just moved to southeast Louisiana? Here's all the bugs you need to know about

There are many things that you need to know when you move from one place to another. Where to eat, where to shop, where to drink, holiday customs, the housing market, school systems, library cards, and property taxes are just a few things to think about.

But, what about bugs? Have you considered that moving to Southeast Louisiana might involve the added expense of monthly pest control? There are a variety of insect in the area that are important to protect against. Some of the more common of these are listed in this article.


The first pest on our list is the mosquito. Sometimes jokingly referred to as the state bird of Louisiana, this winged devil buzzes around for most of the year.  This little bug has racked up quite the body count, despite only living for up to two months. 

Ranked the deadliest animal in the world, the mosquito kills 750,000 people per year through disease transmission in the blood.  Mosquitoes love our wet habitat here because they lay their eggs in standing water.  A flower pot that collects rainwater can turn into a breeding ground for the mosquito in a matter of hours.


Every May, we renew our hatred of lovebugs.  It seems that no matter how many times we deal with lovebug swarms, we still lose paint on the fronts of our cars.  These insects only live two to three days, but they are annoying for every second of their life cycles.  These pests don’t cause any real damage to people, animals, or property; they are just a nuisance.  You may see them flying along as a single bug or as a pair.  

They tend to fill the sky for a few weeks out of the year and they usually don’t make it into your home unless someone leaves the door open and believe it or not, they serve a purpose! The female lovebug lays her eggs in moist soil and as larvae, these growing insects eat the plant refuse from the previous year’s garden, so don’t be too quick to hate them.

Mid-page CTA: Read Signs You Need a Bug Man to learn more of what to look for around your home

Read Signs You Need a Bug Man to learn more of what to look for around your home

Signs You Need to Call a Bug Man


Termites cause more than $5 Billion in damages each year. They burrow into the wood in your home’s structure and dig tunnels through your wood. They keep on eating and building nests and that compromises the integrity of your home. If they make it into your structure, you may have to get a new roof, replace sections of your walls, or outdoor decking.  

Termites also like to swarm.  At certain times of the year, the termites will fly around en masse, looking for new breeding grounds to build up more nests. Stay tuned to our blog. We will be having a special on termite swarms coming out soon.


A famous Northshore insect, this common household pest can get into your home through gaps in doorways, windows, pipes, and any other crook they can find to wiggle through.  The cockroach can introduce disease into your home by way of contaminating food and high traffic surfaces.  If you’d like to learn more about Cockroaches, check out our blog Signs You Might Have Roaches.

There are many species of cockroach that live in Southeast Louisiana and they all pose some level of risk to humans and pets. Most species can fly and there are many ways to bait them and prevent further reproduction.


 Welcome to our neck of the woods! We hope you like our food and our culture and we know you’ll get used to our bugs. Give us a call to set up your pest control plan today!