An Ounce of Prevention, Termite Edition

An Ounce of Prevention, Termite Edition

Termites are one of the most expensive pests to deal with.  Causing more than $5 Billion in damages each year, the termite burrows into the wood in your home’s structure and digs tunnels through the wood, eating and building nests as it compromises the integrity of your home.  

If they make it into your structure, you may have to get a new roof, replace sections of your walls, or outdoor decking.  Termites also like to swarm.  At certain times of the year, the termites will fly around en masse, looking for new sources of food and new breeding grounds to build up more nests.

These techniques can help you keep termites out of your home throughout the year and especially during swarming season. You don’t want their next home to be yours.

Seal Gaps

Termites, like most bugs, squeeze into our homes through openings where they can find access. If you have gaps around your windows or doors, Termites might use these as a way to gain entry to your home. Most hardware stores carry caulk, stick on seals, and jambs to help you seal your gaps. If you can feel air flow or see light, there is probably a gap there that a termite can fit through.

Eliminate Wood to Ground Contact

Keep in mind that Termites feed on wood. If you have wooden parts of your home that touch the ground, you are creating the ability for Termites to tunnel straight from the ground into your home. If you have wooden panels closing out your crawlspace or have shake siding, you may be paving a way for these expensive pests to get into your home.

Reduce Food Sources

Any wood that you have lingering around your home are invitations to Termites to dine closer to your house. Wood piles, spare lumber, wood decks, wooden windows, anything made of wood that isn’t treated properly can be a food source for Termites. 

If you are making improvements around your home and have spare lumber, be sure to store it far enough away from your home that it doesn’t double as an easy meal and access to an entry point. If you are clearing tree limbs or shrubbery, make sure that you drag it away from your structures.

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Check Wood Products before Bringing Them Home

If you buy lumber or old furniture, you might bring termites into your home unknowingly. Think about how many wooden items are in your home right now. Imagine if you brought Termites into your house in any one of those items. Check your wood items and building materials for small holes, buzzing or chewing sounds, and hollow sounds before bringing them inside.


One of the more common ways to prevent Termites is by using professionally applied chemicals. Termiticide is specially designed to target Termites. It is a flavored bait that Termites like to eat almost more than wood and prevents them from molting. If a Termite or the queen cannot molt, they will die. This bait is a great way to kill a colony.

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