How It All Started

Our #1 priority at Skeeter Force is to ensure the health, well-being, & safety of our customers.

In the early 2000s, Ashley Quirk got his start in the pest control industry with a big company. Over the years with that company, he was able to develop his skills as a pest control provider while also learning about the day-to-day aspects of the business. He enjoyed his days on the road to customers and being able to help people, but like many large companies, the customer service and treatment were not always what Ashley envisioned for his customer relationships.

What Keeps Me Motivated

Southeastern Louisiana is famous for its mosquitoes and other pest issues. Having grown up here, Ashley knew that he could use his experience to help his community fight these nuisances and in 2016, Skeeter Force was born. Skeeter Force uses pest control services combined with modern equipment to help protect, Children, pets, and customers reclaim the safety of their yard, even in mosquito season.

What I Am Most Looking Forward To

Skeeter Force wants to do our part to protect this community, finding the right solution for their needs, Skeeter Force intends to continue to grow in new directions and explore better options to serve our customers. Please take some time to look around our website to see if there is something that we can help you with. We are excited to hear from you.


Ashley Quirk
Skeeter Force

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Ashley Quirk



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